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Techsial Android Extreme Tech Arena is offering this app with following features:
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December 5, 2021
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Techsial Android Extreme Tech Arena is offering this app with following features:

World time zones converter clock is a zone calculator, zone map app. Time Zone Converter help to search and add your desired time zones in the list. Time Zones Converter – World Clock Time Now App also have many useful tools and utilities such as compass, speed meter, qibla direction and mileage calculator. Compass helps to search and find your direction and shows degrees from north. The speed meter is an awesome over speed checking tool. Speed meter show your current speed, average speed, maximum speed, time and distance traveled. Qibla direction helps you to find qibla direction from your location. Mileage calculator helps to calculate mileage, fuel consumption and distance travelled.

On comparison with other world clocks you will find it as a more convenient world clock. This world clock app along with time zone maps feature helps to guess time now in other regions of the world. This time zone converter world clock, and speed meter is all in one app and is liked by more than 1000s of people. Time Zones Converter – World Clock Time Now is small sized app and rating is around 4.5 which will surely increase with time as this converter clock is designed and offered by techsial which is the best android development, team.

This time zone converter clock allows you to access precise location (GPS and network-based) and also receives data from Internet
Here, is the process of adding this Different World time zones converter clock to your device which helps you in managing different time zones in time zones converter, compass helps in searching directions, so lets guide you how to use this time zone converter clock as follows:

Type Different Time Zones Converter – World Clock Time Now in a search box of play store and install.
How this time zone converter clock app work:
I. Add new Time Zone(search and select the Time Zone to add).
II. Edit/Convert and compare Time Zones to your desired time zone so drag seek bar thumb to compare Time Zones i.e. what is the time in New York when it is 9:00 AM in Paris?
III. Delete Time Zone
IV. Refresh Time Zone to sync time zones.
You can check the reviews to verify this time zone converter clock app and can also save this time zone converter clock app on your wish list.

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What's new

- App is upgraded to support Android 12
- UI/UX Improvements done in Speed Meter and Mileage Calculator
- Useful Tools section is implemented with following new features:
- Calendar
- Stopwatch
- Date Difference Calculator
- Counter
- Memory/RAM usage stats
- Scientific Calculator
- Area, Surface Area, Perimeter, Volume
Calculators etc