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This app displays your local time zone based.
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Viatcheslav Ehrmann
October 1, 2021
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This app displays your local time zone based.

You can choose from all available time zones and see what the current time there is.

If you ever got a time that is not from your time zone. You can convert it into yours and it will show you at what time it will be.

My Time Zone Converter is a very simple app.
You want the what time it is in another time zone? Just start the app and it will show you your current time zone and the time zone identifier.
Find the time zone in the list and select the time zone. It will automatically calculate the current time of that time zone.

All time zones of the world are available to select from. From New York to Beijing. And some mysterious time zone that make no sense.

Smart people started to use the UTC time zone years ago. But many countrys are to proud to adopt international time zone standart. There are a lot of countrys that use their own time zone with their own short anagram. The rest of the civilized world doesn’t even know what the anagram for the time zone stands for. GMT or MESZ why the need to continue to use the time zone. Just get over your ego and adopt standart UTC time zone.

Many still use winter time zone and summer time zone. Very bad for people who depend on the correct time zone. You always have to look up what your current time zone is and then date. Just to find out what your time zone is. When you want to know what time zone the other country has you have to look up the time zone again. Then figure out if you have to add or subtract hours for that time zone. When summer or winter time zone it gets more complicated. What if tommorow the clocks in that time zone have to be adjusted. To bad for you, you got the wrong time.

My app makes it simple to convert time zones. Your current time zone and the time zone you want to know the time. It calculates for you. My app also calculates if you want to know what hour in that time zone corresponds to your time zone.

Simply set the hour and minute of that time zone and it converts in how many hours from the current time it is from know.

Lets say you are in Eastern Standard Time (EST), New York time zone. Now you want to convert to
Hong Kong Standart Time. It is currently 12:00 pm now you want to know when 4:00 pm in Hong Kong time zone is. It will convert your time, that will be 4:00 am in your time zone and 4:00 pm in Hong Kong time zone. In 16 hours time.

I had a notification that said that the service is unergoing maintance and is not available till the time. Didn’t know what time zone I was in. And how many hours I have to convert to know when the service was available again in my time zone. So I made the Time Zone Converter app to quickly convert between time zones.

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