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With Time Zone Converter and Local Weather by Fracht you can know current time and weather for cities all around the world.
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October 4, 2019
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With Time Zone Converter and Local Weather by Fracht you can know current time and weather for cities all around the world.
Just choose your base location, search for city you want to add and see the results!
No need to know all the time zones anymore!

This one screen application makes time zone converting very easy to use.
Our time zone converter offers the easiest way to check time in every time zone.

Are you in Bazylea and want to know the time in New York?
Did you wake up in Sydney wondering if you can call your friend from Dubai?
Maybe you are somewhere in South America curious what time is in Tokyo?

With our application time zone converting is simple and you get your answers right away.
For every city in every country in every time zone.

What makes difference between our application for time zone converting and other applications?
– Design – we wanted to provide you easy to use time zone converter that allows you to effortlessly compare multiple time zones and find the time difference between several time zones just at a glance with good readability and thought out design – as you can see in our screenshots our application is simple, clean and minimalistic,
– Hour difference – not only can you see what time is currently in the chosen city but you can also see how many hours differs you from desired location,
– Name of the time zone – not only do we show the hour difference but also accurate name of the time zone of your chosen location,
– Weather forecast – last but not least on that list – we decided to provide you the current information about the weather in the chosen location. We show you a temperature in Celsius degrees and also you can see the icon of the present-day weather. In case you want to go there soon or you are already on your way. If not, just in case you are just curious.

For the provided features we use Google Places API to quickly be able to identify the expected location. All the calculations for proper time zone are done in the background – you won’t see nor feel anything. Only clear result for the user. Information about the weather are provided by the external API (https://www.wunderground.com/).

If you deal with many different time zones on a daily basis – this application is for you. Time Zone Converter and Local Weather by Fracht will help you to convert time from one time zone to another time zone in the fastest and the most intuitive way. You do not need to know the time zone of the location you are interested in – just choose the location and you’ll get the result right away.

Our Time Zone Converter and Local Weather is one of the best tools for those who often finds themselves travelling, calling friends or family abroad, wondering what time is in different parts of the world and anyone who wants to try it out and check the time zone in different locations.
Convenient time zone converter that immediately answer the question: What time is in…?

Furthermore, we have some other features that may interest you:
Share – you can easily and fastly share the information via facebook, twitter or text message. We prepared short message with the link to download the application. Use it and inform your friends.
Contact – simple contact form. If you have any questions or ideas to bring this application to perfection – write to us!
Rate – you can easily evaluate our application. Use it and share your opinion about this app with your friends.
About – a few words about our company that is an author of this and some other applications which are a part of Fracht Tools package.

Notice that this application is a part of a package of applications known as Fracht Tools. Visit the site: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Fracht+AG to see and download other applications such as:
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So now, try out this app as the easiest way to know the time in other cities and time zones!

What's new

We have updated weather API to the newest version.
Download the update and always work on the latest version.