Speaking Alarm Clock – Hourly Timer Water Interval

■ Como Alarms
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March 29, 2020
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■ Como Alarms
– days / specific date / last day / same day of the month / same day
– Math Calculation Alarm / Play to End of Music / Auto Dismiss / Auto Silent Mode
– Graudally Increase volume
– Repeat Speaking text/interval
– First Bell / Refrain Background Music / Ringtone / Music (mp3)
– Vibration pattern (heart rate / vital sign / knock)
– Only headset alarm
– Set different spoken languages for each alarm

■ Hourly reminder!
– You can make voice only, headset, baby voice (English baby, Korean baby version), bell only, LED only, status bar only, vibration only or each combination.
How do I get notifications?
✔ Vibration
✔ Vibration + 12 o’clock!
✔ Cuckoo sound
✔ 1 hour + 1 hour(one day) speaking with sentence + sea wave sound (using background music)
✔ Ding + current time + sound of nature
✔ Time + speaking schedule sentence + rainy sound
✔ Vibration + 2(Baby) + Hey! Now it’s time to drink a glass of water + The sound of oriental gong

In addition to this, you can assemble more freely

■ Reminders (repeat/ recurring reminders)
1. You can set the number of notifications for each item ‘once a day, several times a day (start time, end time, interval).
2. You can set the notification cycle for each item as ‘Specify day of the week, every few days, same day every year / month, only one specific day, the end of every month’.

■ Counting / Counter
-Increase / decrease (tap / click / sensor)
-Basic units (kg, g, m, ml, rotation, etc.)
-Default increment / decrement value (integer / decimal point)

■ It’s really easy to use.
– Just turn on the app and you’ll hear a ring every day from 8 am to 10 pm!(Do not worry, it will tell you every hour without setting anything! It’s not hard at all!)

■ Set the time
– change the hour and min.(0 to 59 m)
– If you set 10 minutes to o’clock, it sounds 10 m every hour.

■ Hourly / weekly settings
– Time can be set from 0:00 to 24:00. and (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday)
– e.g) Monday 8-11, 13-15; Tuesday 9:00 to 22:00; Saturday 10-14, 19-21 …

■ Hourly Talking Text
– You can write text and hear several sentences by day.
– e.g) Tuesday 3 p.m: drink water, Friday 3 p.m: Go swimming and not drink the water.

■ Set interval
– It will remind at o’clock and also alert again at regular intervals.(1 to 30 m)
– You can set a different time interval from the time you use.
– ex) Usage time is 8 ~ 20 o’clock, intervals are 8h, 9h, 19h.

■ Timetable
– Enter your schedule as easily as typing a timetable.
– You can manage day-to-day schedules on a daily basis.

■ Reminder (Timer)
– Drinking, drinking water, etc. by text / bell / vibration, etc., you will be notified regularly with words / bell / vibration / full screen.

■ Screen Lock, Desk Clock
– Entering Desk Clock mode when connecting the charger

■ Manner Mode
– Speak even in vibration mode/ silent / do not disturb mode
– Turn on the screen only in Vibrate or Silent mode.

■ Fullscreen notification
– Enable / disable the full-screen dialog window
– On / Off screen for full screen notification
– Automatically disappeared the full-screen or disappear manually after notification.

■ App Permissions Description
– This app does not collect personal information.
– Only the minimum permissions required to run the app.
– photo / media / file permissions; This is because we use music/bell(optional)
– Device ID and call information. Device IDs are not collected. Call information is used only to minimize or notify you immediately when you are in a call or during a call.(optional)
– Internet / Network: Permission to advertise (required / deleted when ad deleted)
– Do Not Disturb Mode – Adjust the volume control(optional)

■ It is designed to always ring at the right time, but the time to start reading can vary depending on the manufacturer, terminal, or TTS engine. (tts: text to speech)

What's new

1. Math exam bug fix and Other Stabilization
2. Downsizing app(5m)
3. ads area bug fixed
1. Notes and sentence management function
2. Alarm Sort by remaining time function
3. Other Stabilization