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The most popular tool for effective precision agriculture and getting soil samples in your fields.
February 15, 2021
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The most popular tool for effective precision agriculture and getting soil samples in your fields.

How to use soil sampler:

1. Draw your field on the map or go around it using GPS measurement tool

2. Set the sample grid size for each field

3. Start “accurate navigation” in your sample pick-up position

4. Write lot number on the soil bag

5. Move to the next POI position on the field

It is the most advanced and effective way of taking soil samples in the shortest possible time.

The very first steps to precision agriculture are the right soil sample, accurate method, and tools for precise soil analysis. Our app is a real time-saver, navigating the user straight to the soil pick-up position, avoiding unnecessary movement around the field whilst doing so.

Nowadays farms use various precision agriculture machinery like GPS receivers, GPS navigators, parallel driving systems, tractor and harvester telematics and other tools like drones, UVA. While planning to do NDVI for plant grow index, plant seeding, and fertilization or variable rate maps for your farming equipment, a simple soil sample is mandatory.

* The app perfectly works with a GARMIN GLO and GARMIN GLO 2 external GPS antennas.

Our solution might be helpful for everyone that cultivates corn, wheat, soybean, barley, rapeseed and other cereal/grains in your crop/dairy farm.

When aiming for productivity, agronomists recommend performing a fertilizing analysis of different cultures like wheat, corn or soybean before seeding, in order to determinate the nutrition level of your soil. After looking at macronutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, farmers and agronomists can calculate fertilization rates before seeding, planting or sowing.

Precision farming technology agronomists recommend performing soil sample analysis once in two years to control soil structure and macronutrients level.

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This is created for farmers, agronomists, landlords, farming corporations. Grains, crops, cereals, wheat, barley, soybean, corn.

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