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Hi! Welcome to the community!
LEEVE - Meet International Friends Nearby
February 14, 2022
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Hi! Welcome to the community!
What is Leeve?
Leeve is a free mobile app to meet native speakers nearby and make new international friends.

The goal of Leeve is helping you to:
make new friends nearby or worldwide,
learn more about different cultures,
prepare your next trips (give or get advises),
practice any languages by meeting new people (even sign or local languages)
Leeve is a new app, so the community needs to grow. That’s why maybe there aren’t a lot of people near you, so Leeve shows you people a little further away…!

Why should I use it?
> If you are a language lover than Leeve is made for you, here on Leeve app you will find language partners to practice languages with.
> If you are new in town you should try Leeve: it’s the best way to make new international and local friends!
> If you are going abroad on an exchange year, on a trip, or willing to be an expat in a new country then you should use Leeve. It will help you to meet people from the country you are going to and who is near you to get good advice!
> If you are a travel lover than Leeve will allow you to carry on your trip even at home by meeting international people nearby!

How does it work?
Step 1: Create your profile (name, picture, add your native, learning & wanting languages and make a vocal description in English or your native language).
Step 2: Our Leeve algorithm will match you with Leevers who speak the languages you are willing to learn.
Step 3: Send them messages & meet them in real life!

How is Leeve different from the other meeting/language apps?
You can practice unlimited languages for free.
You can chat in duo (and very soon we will have topic groups).
Easy to use, you just have to swipe right if you want to meet the person or left if you are not interested.
To get relevant and qualified profiles you have 10 new messages (every day) per day to select your best Leevers who speak your wishing languages.

With Leeve you can practice, learn and meet English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Russian, Korean nearby or with people all around the world!

Meet people whose native language is the language(s) you want to learn.
Practice a foreign language.
Share your international experiences.
Prepare your future trips by learning more about culture.
Meet local people all over the world!
Travel for free by meeting native speakers:)
Be more open-minded!

Use Leeve for Language Exchange!

The Leever values:
Be open-minded and kind.
Be a language lover, practice languages.
Discrimination prohibited!
Help the other Leevers practice your mother tongue!
Report the Leevers who haven’t the Leevers’ values
Tip: One day you speak in his/her language the other day you speak in your language!

The objective is to meet in person. Discover different cultures, traditions and languages. Feel free to ask the person to go for coffee, a walk or just to see a movie at the movies.
Once you are in contact with a native speaker of the desired language, you will begin to learn and practice immediately from your first meeting. Leeve is changing the way people learn languages with the deep desire to open up certain communities for individual and societal well-being and balance.

Don’t hesitate to send us feedback on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!
Do you like the concept? Perfect, Leeve has just been created, talk about it to your friends.

Follow us on:
> Facebook: @leeveapp
> Twitter: @leevelanguage
> Instagram: @leeveapp

You can also become a Leever ambassador, please contact us: [email protected]

What's new

Leeve is free to meet people who speak the languages you are interested in nearby and to offer an adapted messaging with translation, youtube, voice messages...
To offer you additional services here are our 2 new premium packs:
- Leeve VIP: stop ads, 15 contacts/day, customizable filters
- Leeve Voyage : prepare your future trip with the Passport, discounts on your travel insurance & many other discounts coming soon!