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‘The truth we all know, but agree not to talk about’
April 9, 2022
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‘The truth we all know, but agree not to talk about’

Incog Privately Social

Incog is a private social network where you can create a vibrant, secure , open and private social community that stimulates free and open conversation. The main Moto of incog is ‘The truth we all know, but agree not to talk about’. Privacy , Security and Free speech are the fundamentals on which Incog platform is built around.

The Private Social Media
One of the biggest advantages to using Incog is the ability to control who sees your content or communication. You can post what you want without a social identity , rather than posting content for all your contacts to see. It creates an environment of intimacy and comfort; a place to be yourself and stay in touch with the people who matter the most to you on Social Media.

Public Social to Incog Social

Privacy concerns on public social media are a major driver for private social. People are worried about how their personal data leak and their identity in threat. Instead of switching between apps, it’s more likely users will interact with one private social app to do everything and that is where incog strikes.

The Incog Ecosystem
Artificial intelligence will also take its place front and center, as it extracts data in the name of the customer experience based on locations, behaviors, preferences and other factors and sell them as assets to big corporations.But in incog ecosystem the privacy and Consumer Experience is the only concern for the company , this ecosystem is for free speech, being anonymous and to make bold statements about the elephant in the room.In our ecosystem there is no possibility of data breach of users.

Incog- a secure community you can trust

Using income, you can run a private community where you can have safe, secure and open conversations with users.

Grow socially and securely with Incog

Give your self a safe, social and trusted private forum where they can share ideas, thoughts with different users and provide with open and free dialogue to other people. All of this can take place within multiple streams of conversations in the Incog Community , a home to private social network.

Anonymous Users

The amount of information shared via social media is rapidly increasing amid growing concerns over online privacy. This effect the controversiality and social endorsement of media content on sharing behavior when choosing between sharing publicly or anonymously. Anonymous user can use incog Platform to expression themselves without being worried about controversial content. Incog platform is built around the merits of free speech.

What's new

Aesthetic backgrounds to post
Option to block users
Minor bug fixes