Immersion Revolution (Timer)

Would you believe if you don't get tired even after all day long task/study?
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October 3, 2018
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Would you believe if you don’t get tired even after all day long task/study?

If you care enough for it to be true, I strongly suggest you to keep on reading through.

If any of those below is you

– I need to prepare an exam for all day long and for a long period.
– I want to watch anime/tvshow for a break from time to time while studying, but I’m worried for getting distracted.
– I use computer for my work/project alot and I am suffering from VDT syndrome.
– My concentration is so strong that I get exhaused so much in the end.
– My concentration is so weak that I do not get to get things done.
– I want to develop a taste of studying/reading.
– I have a child who is not interested in study at all.

I must suggest this app 『Immersion Revolution』 for you.

It helps you to achieve your goal with 15 minutes immersion and 5 minutes break.
The reason why it is 15 minutes immersion is that it’s the longest time you can use your concentration, not harming your resilience of concentration.
The reason why it is 5 minutes break is that it’s the shortest time you need to recover yourself for the next immersion.

A strong point of this app is that 『Immersion Revolution』 does not let you get exhausted, even if you work/study all day long.

My experience – I, once, did 30 rounds for my personal project. Surprisingly, but you might have noticed, I was still lively after the labor, but more surprisingly, most of you might not have guessed, I watched 10 episodes of an anime, only thanks to 5 minutes breaks. 5 minutes break sounds short but is not shorter than you think. 🙂

『Immersion Revolution』 Usage Guideline

● 3 ~ 9 rounds (e.g. developing a taste of reading/studying)
● 15~18 rounds (e.g. doing school project)
● 21~30 rounds (e.g. exam period/programming)
● 30~52 rounds (e.g. exam cram)

Simple Formula
With 3 rounds you spend 1 hour.
With 4 rounds you concentrate 1 whole hour.

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