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Best Korean Alphabet learning app. Korean beginner's indispensable learning tool.
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November 17, 2020
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Best Korean Alphabet learning app. Korean beginner’s indispensable learning tool.

With correct learning method, Hangul, 40 Korean alphabet sounds, can be as easy as ABC!
Getting lost and tired of learning Korean because of its complicated Hangul writing and its pronunciation?

Let’s learn Hangul like all Korean primary school students, with their school textbook plus our original memorize formulas. The 40 Korean alphabet sounds are no more challenge to you!

This app is dedicated to Korean learning beginners. It helps memorize the forty sounds quickly by practicing four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Writing Strokes Display function let you know not only the 40 Korean alphabet sounds but also their strokes writing order; Handwriting Window allows you to practice writing and increase your impression; Quiz function can check your understanding to our lessons and emphasize your memory; Colorful pictures and interesting tongue twisters make your learning process funnier.

The content of this app is on the basis of this book “Hangul – 40 Korean alphabet sounds (Learn with Korean primary school’s textbook)” , a well known learning tool for Korean learning beginners.

app features are as follows:

* Writing strokes display & Handwriting window tool let learners understand better how to write Korean correctly.

* Reading function is recorded by native Korean speakers, which helps learners be familiar with accurate pronunciation of each alphabet.

* Commonly used vocabulary help users be familiar with each letter and its application; also, prepare for future learning.

* Original memorize formulas make you remember 40 Hangul form and its pronunciation quickly.

*Hangul exercises and word exercises help users remember Korean alphabet and know their learning achievement.

* Colorful pictures make learning process easier and funnier.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our app, please email to o[email protected], we will try our best to answer your request.

What's new

* Android compatibility fix