GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder

GPS Navigation - Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is the necessary and top app for all the android smartphones.
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September 8, 2020
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GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is the necessary and top app for all the android smartphones.
It is free for all to download from Google Play STORE. So, Download Now!
First of all, this GPS app is a great Tool of 2019 for finding, locating and navigating addresses and is very easy by using World Map View and street view sitemaps of earth 2019. GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder allows you to decide the area and earth view, around you according to live satellite view and maps created by it. GPS navigation Tools 2019 has every street view marking required element of route by real street view positioning. GPS Navigation Tools 2019 contains marked place and anyone can determine the area of your family, companions and can track live speed of your vehicle without using the speedometer of the vehicle, just one click and you know all about live traffic on routes, the speed of your own vehicle and much more. GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder also recommends some worth mentioning itineraries for you best travel experience. GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is the finest app for offline GPS navigation, traveling people and the drivers because it provides places & route finder and traffic finder. Traffic Layer/Traffic Finder is a unique online navigation feature which is only in this app. Traffic finder free of GPS maps & navigation provides the various categories of Google Roads like heavy traffic roads, slow traffic roads and normal traffic roads. GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder application is of different practical uses like Fields area measure, area measurement by walking and Distance Measuring and GPS area measurement app for roof area estimation. GPS Navigation Tools 2019 uses the accurate methods for distant area measurements and. Address location finder and find my address 2019 will fetch the longitude and latitude, current state and city with location. Google Latitude will catch the location and address of phone’s current location. You can share your location with anyone to let them know where you are. GPS Navigation Tools 2019 is an ultimate locator. Compass is an essential feature of any GPS app and therefore this app does have a compass feature.
GPS navigation tools for 2019 are completely free as both offline and online GPS Navigation app for your routes and trips. Offline maps and Great search can make you journey effortless and a lot easy. Always arrive at the target location because instructions are easy to follow.

✔ Traffic information – live accurate and precise traffic information about conditions on the road. Traffic jam information, Danger alarms, closures and more
✔ Offline– without internet connection. Save your data at home, outside or abroad
✔ Navigation – see shortest route and navigate to map location, address , GPS coordinates
✔ Voice – Hear exact turn by turn instruction and navigate with navigation that talks! You can choose your own voice
✔ Walking and driving – for both pedestrian and car navigation with route, its ideal
✔ GPS location – follow and see your GPS location on GPS maps anywhere in the world
✔ 3D Map – detailed and precise 3D maps of your area and entire world with free updates of maps
✔ Great search – your target location with great ease
✔ Speed limits – know the speed limits of the areas in which you are driving
✔ Travel book – it’s a great feature if you are a traveler and love to visit beautiful places

MAP COVERAGE – Whole world is there in this one app
 Asia
 North America
 South America
 Africa
 Europe
 Australia
 Middle East

What's new

* Several Minor Bugs Fixes
* Crashes Fixed
* Library Updated
* Places API Updated
* Minor Bugs Fixes
* UI Improved!