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Make a fake phone call and do a prank to your friends and to any one you chose.
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September 19, 2021
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Make a fake phone call and do a prank to your friends and to any one you chose.
Do you wish to leave boring situations? One of the best ways to get out of an awkward situations is to use an app that allows you to make fake calls and fake chats.

Fake phone calls is a fun and exiting tool that allows you to easily change your caller id and have fun with your fiends and family. Make fake and phoney phone calls without actually being called..

Schedule and Make a fake call to get out of any unpleasant situation, such as a dull meeting or a frustrating conversation with someone.

the fake out or incoming calls will be displayed. It will look the same as a real phone call, so your friend and anyone around you will be fooled. They will think that that call is a real phone call. It’s a great idea of a prank call that can get you out of an unwanted awkward situation. If you want to end the fake phone call just press the red end call button at any time.

It’s merely for fun to use a fake incoming call app. Fake incoming phone calls from your boss, wife, and other celebrities, such as a police officer. Famous football players or actors. The prank caller software allows you to make false calls using any caller’s identity and phone number. You may accept or reject all hoax calls with a fake call software. What about making a phone call to your favourite celebrity? You can now with phone call pranks.

You can also Make fake whatsahp chat and fake Conversation. You will be controlling both parts of the chats, you can type any thing you want and replay with the desired response.

Why would you use a Fake calling app?

– Prank caller is a free service
– Create a fake call and mislead your pals, friends and family.
– Make Fake phone calls using different caller ID’s, names and profile picture.
– Set any photos on any fake caller ID you want.
– No internet connection required to make the fake calls

How to use Fake Calls App

– Install the Fake call App
– Tap on Fake Call and Chats Icon
– Set a the Name of the caller / male or female
– Choose a photo from the gallery to use as prank caller Id
– Chose any caller ID , Photo and number you want
– Change the ID’s any time and as many times you need.

Key Features of prank call app and fake calling app

– Use different names and ID’s to make unlimited number of prank calls
– displaying fake photo after receiving a call
– Select an image from phone and set as fake caller ID
– Use pre-record male and female for incoming call
– Choose a prank call number from your contact list to new number
– Customise incoming and outgoing fake phone calls on screen
– Schedule a fake call at any time you want with the desired caller ID

Disclaimer of Fake Call App:
This prank fake call app is for entertainment purposes only and does not have a real incoming call feature. It is just simulating incoming calls. Images used in screenshots and icons are to show you how the prank fake calling app work.