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Get your free dramatized KJV audio Bible and enjoy the fullness of the Holy Bible.
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March 14, 2022
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Get your free dramatized KJV audio Bible and enjoy the fullness of the Holy Bible.

Free Audio Bible Dramatized – KJV with free motivational daily verses that will take you to the next level in your life. There are several audio Bible versions available but the dramatized version is one of the most liked KJV Bible versions available today. With this free KJV Dramatized Audio Version, you can enjoy the whole Bible with some soothing music at the background.

Dramatized Bible KJV comes with powerful background sounds and the voices are very clear and very profound. It makes your listening experience great. For those who don’t have constant internet, we are sorry to say you will only the robotic voice but connect to Internet for the dramatized audio kjv experience.

Jesus said, He is the way, truth and life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. The only way to know more about God is through His word and through relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Bible should not be used without the Holy Spirit and Vise verse. You need the word and you need to hear His voice.
A free Audio Bible KJV is a Bible you can easily install on your android device. It is one of the Bibles to actually use if you want a new way of listening to the word of God.

The Bible KJV Dramatized app can be downloaded from the Google store. There is no charge for the app. KJV is the most widely used version of the Bible even though on the internet it says the NIV is taking over. We have no idea but one of the most accurate versions available and so the dramatized KJV audio Bible is based on it.

KJV audio Bible Dramatized has so many features that it will take your curiosity to explore the newest of the scriptures every day and every hour. Get close to our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ His only Son. We pray this Dramatized MP3 KJV Bible will spice up your Christian walk and you will never regret. The word of God is so good.

Highlight KJV Dramatized Bible
The ability to highlight specific texts as you are reading or studying the Holy Bible Dramatized – KJV is another helpful tool that is available with the app. Favorite passages can be highlighted in a particular color in order to call attention to the words. The verses of interest for a study on God’s love, for example, can be highlighted in order to focus one’s thoughts on the subject.

Get Daily Bible Verses
Get motivational and inspirational Bible verses at the time you want it. If you want to change it to another time, simply go to the settings option and then set a different time. This is one of the ways to start your day as a Christian

Free Bible Reading
Every day you will get one daily Chapter to read. Studying the Bible is always fun. It is our prayer that you always get a daily Bible chapter that has a message for you today. Don’t turn it into a religious activity but let it be something you do out of love for the King of Kings.

Sharing the scriptures
Do you love to share daily verses on social media. This app will help you share with facebook, whatsapp or twitter. You can also choose to share on image and that even adds a personal feel to your message. This KJV Dramatized Audio makes it possible to spread the word of God every where you are.

Free Notes
With this KJV Dramatized Audio or KJV Audio version you can take notes and share them as well. Taking notes is like meditating during the day. When Holy Spirit speaks to you. When taking notes from Dramatized Bible- KJV you will feel blessed through the Holy Words of Our Most High God.

Topical Bible Verses
We have a list of popular topical Bible verses for you to quickly find some references to. When you meet someone on the street you can share those topics with the person.

Bible Dictionary
This Bible has a dictionary that you can check meanings of other Bible terms. There are over 30,000 Bible words you can easily fine.

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