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Buttocks Workout app for the best butt exercises at home.
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December 7, 2021
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Buttocks Workout app for the best butt exercises at home.

Buttocks Workout – Hips, Legs & Exercises has the best fitness training exercises to get stronger hips, legs . With the dedicated workout plans curated by fitness experts, you can focus on your buttocks and get it in the best shape.

These exercises work on your glute muscles and mainly include these workouts –
– Squats
– Lunge Presses
– Leg Lifts

These exercises are really well curated by experts and you can choose the intensity based on your expertise – beginner, intermediate or advanced. These exercises also help you reduce back pain. You can practice these workouts at home, without equipment and even without going to the gym. You will find a step by step guide as if a personal gym trainer is instructing you.

App Benefits
This Buttocks Trainer app is the most comprehensive app to practice daily , hips or leg workouts. Below are some incredible features for this workout trainer app –
📅 Workout for just 7 minutes per day or get quick 10-minute exercises
🏋 Training for different levels – beginners, intermediate and experts
🗒️ Decide your own exercise plans based on your body strength
🎯 Set your workout goals
🤝 Share your past workouts with friends
⏰ Set a timing for your workouts and keep a history
😍 Audio guide to perform your workouts
💪 Powerful workout statistics to keep your motivated
📕 Get a detailed summary of all your plans
📉 Calculate and track your BMI to meet your weight-loss goals
⏮️ Refer your workout history and create a better plan tomorrow

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