Bodhi Timer


Sirimangalo International
March 20, 2021
5.0 and up
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Bodhi Timer is an elegant, minimalist countdown timer. It is designed mainly for use as a meditation timer but can easily be used for any similar purpose. Bodhi Timer is free and open-source software. It collects no data and uses the minimal permissions necessary.

How to use

🔷 Set the time via the clock icon in the top left. You may set presets by choosing a time then holding down on one of the three preset buttons.
🔷 Pause / resume via the button in the bottom left, and stop the timer via the button in the bottom right. The top right button is the preference button.
🔷 Animation may be toggled between an image and one of four circle animations, chosen from the preferences screen.
🔷 It uses Android’s built-in notification system to trigger the alarm, which means it works even when your device is asleep.


• minimalist full screen UI, no clutter
• uses scroll and fling gestures to set the time
• set up to three presets on the time chooser
• option for timer auto-repeating
• option to set multiple consecutive timers via the “adv” button
• speech recognition via long-press on clock button (set multiple timers separated by the word “again”)
• displays two animation types: fade in static image (defaults to Bodhi leaf) and animated circle
• option to use custom image for fade in
• four themes for the animated circle: three colour themes and a draw in Zen Enso (brush circle)
• includes different meditation timer sounds (Burmese bell, Tibetan bell, Tibetan singing bowls, Zen gong, and bird song)
• option to use any ring tone as timer sound
• option to use custom sound file as timer sound
• vibration and LED blinking options
• licensed under the GPL 3+


• Some code is based on the free and open source TeaTimer by Ralph Gootee.
• The Enso image was drawn by Ryōnen Gensō (1646-1711). Next to the Enso she has written: “When you do understand yourself fully, there is not one thing.”
• Singing Bowl Low sound Recorded by juskiddink Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0