Battlefield Mobile Release date & features

Battlefield Mobile Release date & features – Electronic Arts have announced that a new Battlefield game is in development, this time for mobile devices. The game will be called Battlefield™ and is in development by EA’s Vancouver studios.  Bad Company was the name of an earlier Battlefield game, released in 1998, which had many similarities to the present-day title.

The game is called Battlefield Mobile, and it will be a smaller-scale version of the popular console and PC series.

What is the expected release date?

EA has not announced a release date yet, but the game is expected to launch in early 2022.

What platforms will it support?

Battlefield Mobile will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Will it be both multiplayer and solo?

The game will include both multiplayer and single-player modes.

What will be the pricing?

EA has not announced the price yet, but it is expected to be around $10.

Battlefield fans can look forward to an intense mobile gaming experience with Battlefield Mobile. EA has yet to announce a release date, but they are expected to launch in early 2022. EA is currently beta-testing the mobile version of Battlefield and will release it in the first quarter of next year.