Bigger Butt Yoga Booty Workout

Why you must use Bigger butt, wider hip yoga workout at home?
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Dr. Zio - Yoga Teacher
February 2, 2022
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Why you must use Bigger butt, wider hip yoga workout at home?
• Do you want to have butt bigger like Jenifer Lopez or wider Kylie Jenner to feel more confident about yourself?
• Are you dreaming of hourglass figure?
• Embarrassed to wear a bikini due to lot of cellulite around your hip and butt area?
• Require a virtual personal physical trainer along with free 3D videos at home to get perfect booty shape.
After investing abundance amount of time on the research and development Dr Zio has come up with an scientific & evidence based formula to help you achieve a bigger butt and wider hip with the help of natural home remedy. This app consists of Yoga poses and asanas that can make your hips toned with bigger buttocks and long & slim legs.
Larger booty workout app covers
1. Yoga for Jenlo Booty
Get a booty shape like Jenifer Lopez & Kim Kardashians.
2. Yoga for Hourglass figure
Yoga can support you to tighten, tone and activate your deep core muscles.
3. Yoga for Bikini Booty
Yoga can shape your booty in a wonderful way as it uses your own body weight to build muscles.
4. Yoga for toned legs
Yoga is a great way to initiate toughness stamina and energy in your legs.
5. Yoga for Butt cellulite
It helps to flush toxins and reduce the cellulite in your butt area.
6. Yoga to Lift Saggy Butt
Lift your saggy & get toned Butt skin
What are you waiting for? Today onwards learn to train on your own with the help of DR.ZIO-Yoga for hips and butt.
A chance to bring your body in shape at all times, improve stretching and be cellulite free. You have the freedom to progressively familiarize yourself and practice these asana & yoga and home itself or even at a holiday. Professionals has created the app with the agenda to correct your lower body problems. Ultimately, it is enough to train on your own to have firm buttocks, shapely legs and beautiful thighs.
Legs Yoga- The programmed involves Yoga asanas that not only offers to improve stretching, strengthen the muscles at the same time helps to revitalize circulation & relive stress as well. People who are engaged in sedentary work or women who spend a lot of time on heels benefits from such exercises.

Hips Yoga- All major muscles groups are involved during these asanas that helps to tone and tension improvement. Due to this skin becomes elastic that hides the effects of cellulite & energy for fat burning is generated.
Glutes Yoga- The hip area is also affected with these poses. The poses aim to strengthen the back muscles therefore, the butt becomes stronger and tightens up.
Yoga for hip and butt –Features:
– Demonstrating every step of exercise in 3D videos with voice guidance for beginners to advance
– Easy to understand home-based stretching yoga, workouts & exercise designed for everyone: men, women / ladies & girls.
– Personal trainer to keep track & coach
– Supports 18 languages – Voice instructions
– Track plan progress and burned calories
– All home workout, no need of any instruments
– 3 difficulty levels for beginner, intermediate and pro.
– Breathing tips and advice on video
– Addition in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises better way
– Daily healthy tips and guides on Yoga
– More customize plans for each user
– Daily workout and diet tracker
– Customized workout reminders to remind you progress of your health
– Chart of daily burned calories, weight loss & BMI
– Offer research & science-based yoga & exercise stretching training
– No gym & no equipment
– Work 100% – (any age)
– Nonveg / Veg / Vegan diet for all kind of users

Easy, helpful and 100% FREE! What are you waiting for? Get best yoga app in 2020 – Hips and Butt Yoga Exercise at Home – Full Body Flexibility right now.
Wishing you good looking figure with us… Enjoy…
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