Basketball Gangs 2


Getting gangster players. Play with global players real time.
Nice Market Games
August 3, 2020
4.4 and up
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Getting gangster players. Play with global players real time.

The best freestyle basketball game for mobile devices! It’s an amazing 3vs3 full court experience. A smooth and fast-paced gameplay, great graphics and a solid story make this game something unique.

Customize your own characters, upgrade them, and unlock amazing skill cards that will power up your game. Three different game modes to choose from, develop your own game style and become the king of the courts. You can connect and play with your friends and players from around the world.


• DAILY REWARDS – You don’t need to spend any money to have a strong character and enjoy a good game! Everyday there are different rewards that will boost you character and your game!

• STORY MODE – Defeat all other teams in a series of chapters to become the king of the courts! We are constantly adding new chapters and increasing the level, so you’ll never run out of challenges.

• CHALLENGE – All courts have their own BOSS! If you really want to become the top dog in the street you have to Take ‘Em All On! Show everyone who’s the new owner of the streets.

• PVP – You can play against your friend’s characters or people from around the world! Using our social feature you can also connect with your friends as use their characters and skill cards on your own team!

• STYLE – Bring your own style into the game! All of the characters are highly customization and there are tons of cold items and sportswear to choose from.

• SKILL CARDS – Over 300 different cards that you can equip into your game that will grant special abilities to your characters!

Set in a future where all the major basketball leagues had been taken over by street gangs, you’ll have to fight your way to the top if you want to make a name for yourself. Basketball Gangs 2 brings street basketball to a whole new level.

What's new

◎ Open bonus double activity.
◎ Open special items exchange activity.
◎ Upgrade Facebook SDK.