al Qiyam Quran App مصحف القيام

The Holy Quran app with automatic page scrolling feature to assist in reading Quran especially while performing prayers.
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Smartech IT Solution
July 17, 2021
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The Holy Quran app with automatic page scrolling feature to assist in reading Quran especially while performing prayers.

** Application features: **
Interface languages: The app supports Arabic and English interfaces.
• Reading in the Qur’an: The application provides two ways to display verses, the first is the normal way as in printed copy of the Quran, and the second is to display each verse and underneath its interpretation or translation.
• Edition of the Qur’an: Latest printed copy of the Quran from King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex (Edition 1441) was used to display the Qur’an page.
• Automatic page scrolling: the ability to activate automatic page scrolling with the ability to modify the speed of movement.
• Ease of use: the ability to access the verses by viewing an index of the names of the suras or parts, as well as through the sliding bar at the bottom of the page.
Design: Attractive design with a soft-colored background that is comfortable for the eye while reading, to provide the best experience for users.
• Night Mode: Ability to change the display to night mode.
• Enlarge the Qur’an page: In landscape view, the page is enlarged by the width of the screen.
• Continue where you left: A marker is placed automatically at the position to which the user has finished reading, so that he can continue reading from the same position when opening the application later.
• Bookmarks and Favourites: User can place a bookmark on any verse or add it to Favourite so that it is easy for him to return to it later.
• Sharing: The user can share the text of a verse or a group of verses, either as text with diacritics or without it, or as an image. Translation and interpretation also can be shared together with the verses.
• Notes: The user can add a thought or note to each verse, and view it in Note management.
• Search: You can search for specific words in the Noble Qur’an and the names of the surahs. Recent searches are also stored so they can be accessed quickly.
• The application provides interpretation of Ibn Kathir, and the English translation of Sahih International.

Designed and developed by Smartech IT Solutions

What's new

- Auto-scrolling was enhanced.
- About app was added in English.