Adverto: Classified ADs.
April 14, 2022
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Adverto: Classified ADs.
Classified ADs Adverto.
Right now, at this very minute, millions of people around you, sell, change, or maybe give away for free different things, real estate and cars. Many shops around you, sell their goods with huge discounts, of which you do not know anything yet!
All you need to do is to install Adverto application and you will find all the offers that are conveniently grouped by categories and parameters! It does not matter what language the seller or the buyer speaks. Even if you moved to another country and you do not know the local language, with Adverto application, all adverts and messages in the chat from the interlocutor are automatically translated into your native language! You can find all available offers, read the messages in Adverto chat and write in your native language. Everything else is taken care of for you by Adverto!
It’s time for you to explore the best offers available!

1. Simply place adverts.
It will not take more than a minute. Take a picture of the product, add a description, fill in the characteristics and your advert will instantly be viewed by the other users of Adverto.

2. Find and buy goods close to you!
Each advert placed in Adverto can be viewed on the map. You can also search around you or any other place in the world! For example, if you want to move to another city and you are is looking for an apartment in a suitable area, just put this point in the search box and you will find all the adverts around the requested area. You can make the best route to see all the offers in a short time!

3. Easy search in one or more categories at the same time.
Search for products in one or more classifieds categories simultaneously: auto and moto, real estate, clothing and personal effects, children’s goods, home and garden goods, electronics, beauty and health, smartphones and accessories, computer hardware, home appliances, construction and repair, hobbies and leisure, services (nannies, lawyers, training and tutoring), animals, games, books, music and much more.

4. Search and post both new and used products.
You can search or post adverts for both new and used goods. To do this, you just need to specify the type of goods – new or used.

5. Do you have a store or are you a salesperson and you do not have a website? Do you want to keep customers informed about new products?
No problem! We are here! You can always send a link to your account on Adverto with the products that you have put up for sale. Your customers will always be aware of new products. Your customers can subscribe to your account on Adverto and they will immediately know what products are on sale.

6. Notification when a product when you are looking for is added!
You are looking for a product and you cannot find a suitable offer? Sign up for notifications of a product and as soon as someone posts it on the Adverto application, you will be the first to know.

7. Notification of price reduction for the products!
Have you found the product you are interested in, but you want to buy it cheaper? Simply sign up for a notification of a price change of the product and Adverto will automatically notify you about it at the same time!

8. Do you sell products and you do not want to receive calls at any time of the day or night?
Just set the schedule according to your availability for incoming calls or even disable the calling feature and use the built-in chat to speak to buyers!

9. Managing your adverts at the Personal Page is easy!
You can either create an advert or withdraw it at any time, if you are finalizing a sale with someone. You can also relist an advert back for sale. It’s that simple!

10. Smart shopping
We know your local high street and we can bring you the latest products, sold under the best buying and selling conditions at the lowest price. You don’t have to run around, wasting time. You can find their products on Adverto

What's new

The application has become even more convenient!
- The latest offers from popular categories appeared on the main page.
- Fixed a bug with adding a phone number to the profile in all registration options.
- Using the geomap has become much easier and more enjoyable!
- In the feed and in the real estate card, you can see the location of the object: city, country, and even the nearest metro stations.

We would appreciate your suggestions and ideas to make Adverto even better and more useful!