12-hour world clock

The best watch available today, right on your phone or tablet
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Vlad Simionescu
October 18, 2018
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The best watch available today, right on your phone or tablet
– about 100% accurate (if you sync your device with a time server, which is very easy, see Settings / Date & time / Automatic date & time)
– shows the time anywhere on the globe
– and it looks good too.

– world time at a glance
– stylish clock skins for your Android device: simple elegant (standard and silver), Big Ben clock, religious clock (christian, islamic and buddhist), flower clock, kitties clock, zodiac clock, snakes clock
– the app that turns your phone into a beautiful pocket watch
(and any older unused Android phone or tablet into a beautiful desk clock)
– optionally shown on the Android lock screen (recommended; note that it’s not a lock screen wallpaper, it’s an app that’s over the lock screen, which means you can combine it with a wallpaper of your choice)
– works best as a pocket watch if you set the app to be shown on the lock screen
– for now the app is in English only
– it’s been on Google Play for years now and nobody has ever complained about it, so it’s safe
– it has no special permissions (for instance it cannot read the hard disk), this can be checked; so it’s safe for privacy
– whoever writes a positive review + rating receives an ads-free license for when I get to introduce ads / payed version

Important note: Unfortunately, due to changes in the OS, the lock screen feature has issues in Android 9 and up.
If your phone has one of these Android versions, I recommend you use my other app WebLock. It’s more general, it can display any web site on the lock screen. You can quickly access the 12-hour world clock from the app menu, under Go to page / URL …
You find a link to WebLock on this page.
This app is mainly a shortcut to a site that provides a 12-hour world clock.
This is an original design for a world clock, that features some 50 city names written on a normal (analog) 12-hour clock face, based on their time at any given moment. When the hour changes, the position of the towns on the clock face changes accordingly. Thus, the position on the clock face gives the time for each city. To distinguish between AM and PM time, a simple color scheme is used.
The fact that the clock face is a regular 12-hour one is novel. Up to this app there were (and still are) 24-hour world clocks in use, but obviously they’re much more cumbersome.
See the online help for a detailed explanation of how it works.
The time shown by the clock is based on the system time and the time zone settings, which are taken over from the operating system but can be corrected by the user (usually that’s not necessary).
This app is especially handy for seeing the world time on smartphones and tablets. Just tap on it and you see the clock with the world’s most representative 50 cities on it. Then find the zone of your town of interest and if necessary enlarge it to see the names at a proper size.
Of course, sometimes you’re not sure what time zone your place of interest belongs to. To make things easy, this app provides time zones support, consisting of explanations and maps.
Bottom line, once you get used to the method, you will most likely find it handier than any other world clock app, especially on a mobile device.
There are 12 clock styles, they are listed in the Highlights section above and shown in the app entry’s pictures. For most of them there’s a dark face and a light face version.

What's new

improvement in respecting user privacy: doesn't ask for the permission to read the external storage any more, which wasn't really necessary
(Note: The previous versions didn't actually read anything that they shouldn't have.)